Human muscles - All of the major muscles of the human body illustrated with origins and insertions, actions, nerve supply and more.

Muscle contraction - How the muscles contract and different types of muscular contractions. Sliding filament theory explained.

Structure of muscle - The anatomy of a skeletal muscle, including the endomysium, perimysium and muscle fibres!


Foot anatomy - There are 26 bones in the foot and many more ligments, plus tendons and muscles!

Ankle anatomy - The ankle joint consists of the Talus and the Tibia and Fibula.

Knee anatomy - The knee joint is formed between the Femur at the top and the Tibia at the bottom.

Hip anatomy - The hip consists of the head of the Femur and the glenoid of the Pelvis (which forms the socket).

The back - Anatomy of the spine including the vertebrae and ligaments, as well as the surrounding muscles.

Shoulder anatomy - The shoulder joint is formed between the Humerus and the Glenoid (socket) of the Scapula.

Wrist anatomy - There are 8 Carpal bones in the wrist, plus the Radius and Ulna.

Elbow anatomy - The elbow is a hinged joint between the Humerus and the Radius and Ulna.