Expert Interview Jerry Gilmore

Gilmore's Groin surgeon Jerry Gilmore talks exclusively to about the difference between Gilmore's groin and a hernia and when is the businest time of year for groin reconstruction surgery!

Gilmore's groin is not a hernia

A hernia is a protusion of a viscous or organ, outside of it's normal confines. Gilmore's groin / groin disruption is a muscular / tendon injury where the muscles / tendons are torn and displaced. The only similarity is the area of the body, but the pathology is totally different

When is the busiest time for groin surgeries?

There used to be three times a year:

September - the beginning of the season - players think they will have recovered after a summer of rest.

May - the end of the season - where players have tried to last until the end and then get treatment in the off season.

When we had bad weathers and the football was stopped for 3-4 weeks over christmas, that also used to be a busier time as clubs would get players in then to minimise time off.

Also the quality of the pitches and training pitches has improved massively which helps reduce the amount of injuries as they are not as heavy.